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Decades of expertise in Finnish business culture, rules and opportunities available.

InnoWaskooli serves as an advisor and/or as a hands-on operational help for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to establish and ramp-up their new or existing business operations in Oulu district. Assignments vary and are tailored according to varying customer needs.


Why Finland, why Oulu?

Finland, one of the Nordic countries, is well established democracy  with 5.5 million inhabitants. Equal rights and equal opportunities to every citizen have been Finland’s key success factors. Free education, free public health care and rather comprehensive social security networks are provided. In Finland also clean nature with lots of forests and lakes are in reach for everybody to enjoy.

Oulu is the largest city in the Northern Finland (200.000 inhabitants). And the biggest city in the Northern Scandinavia as well.

Oulu is known as the city of high education and technology. Thanks to University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences  (with more than 13.000 students together), a supply of well educated young employees is quaranteed to local businesses. Annually about 3000 students graduate with diversity of university degrees. Sciences include among other physics, chemistry, ICT,  mechanical engineering, business school, medical and health care sciences.

Also excellent business infrastructure and facilities are  in place. Technopolis, a modern high tech business park with about 200 enterprises is located next to the university campus. So networking and local collaboration opportunities exists already.

So, Why Not Finland. And Why Not Oulu!

About InnoWaskooli


InnoWaskooli (established 2011) is entrepreneur owned business developer and investor  company for start-ups and small businesses in Oulu district. The entrepreneur and the sole owner of InnoWaskooli is Mr Harri Perunka. He has over two decades of experience in business investments, business developments and business ramp-ups in high tech sector in Finland. Harri Perunka has MSc degree in applied electronics, and in business management (business school).

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